Summer activities 2017

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre runs activities all year round and is a permanent teaching venue for Fjordane Folk High School. In spring and summer, there is a lot of activity at the artificial insemination centre, where mares from all over Norway are inseminated with semen from good Fjord horse stallions. We welcome everyone who want to come by to talk about horses or see our facilities. Our activities vary depending on how many horses are at pasture and other tasks at the centre.


Riding lessons, Monday–Friday 10.00–14.00       NOK 200

You can book riding lessons at the centre. We choose a horse and an activity to suit the rider.


Hand-led riding trips at the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre, Monday–Friday 10.00–14.00               NOK 200

Hand-led riding trips in the area around the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is a good activity for children who want a safe experience on one of our Fjord horses.


Riding trips in Hjelmelandsdalen valley, afternoons at 16.00 NOK 700

We organise riding trips in Hjelmelandsdalen valley in cooperation with Harpefossen ski resort.

The trip follows the historic Trondheim Post Road and lasts for 2–2.5 hours at walking pace. Minimum age: 9 years.


Guided tours

Presentation of the Fjord horse and a guided tour of the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre. We can tailor arrangements and times for groups.